Sales, Repair & Services

We offer a full range of computer services.

From on-site repair service to delivery and set-up of a new computer, our goal is to get you up and running as fast as possible. All of our technicians are A+ Certified Professionals, which ensures quality work for our customers. No matter what type of PC you are in search for – we can special order exactly what you need.

Computer sales

Being an authorized dealer for Dell we distribute top-grade computers for all your home or business needs. This partnership also allows us to work directly with Dell to purchase equipment and fulfill any warranty obligations repairs covered under their hardware replacement program.

Although we are partnered with Dell, we do have access to other brands and recommendations are available upon request.

System Upgrades

Our staff is equipped with the technology to provide quality performance upgrades to both laptop and desktop computers

  • STORAGE: You can increase your available storage by replacing your current hard drive, or adding an additional hard drive allowing more space to store documents and programs
  • PERFORMANCE: A memory upgrade can drastically help the performance of your computer both in speed and the ability to run multiple programs or web applications simultaneously.
  • GRAPHICS CARD: The best improvement for any media, data processing, or gaming computer is a video card. Although it can be tricky to find, the right video card may have a massive impact in the overall functionality of your computer. Contact us to find the best components for your computer.


The service department at Yankton Computer and Network Services is equipped to repair a multitude of software, hardware and cosmetic malfunctions. From cracked laptop screens and broken hinges to failing hardware, our technicians will get your computer up and running. We can repair any type of PC out there.

Data Transfer

Are you putting off purchasing a new PC because you don’t want to lose all the data from your old one? Have you bought a new computer and wish you had all your data from your old PC on your new one? Ask us about Data Transfer service.